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200 Runs Later

Posted: 25th June 2013 by mockjogger in Training Runs
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Way back in May 2007 Beyonce and Shakira were at No.1 with Beautiful Liar, The Bourne Ultimatum was just released and I started running. 200 runs later, I’ve spent 134 hours on the pavement covering 805 miles at an average pace of just under 10 minutes per mile. That’s like running all the way from […]

Next Steps

Posted: 24th April 2013 by mockjogger in Training Plan
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My newly-devised “training plan” goes along the following lines, © mockjogger. • Get out three times a week to clock 20 miles total • Fit the runs around work and family • Crank it up in the lead up to race and taper it down the week before So now I need to introduce some […]