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Recent events have caused me to augment my default selection of training routes. It started when I signed up for the Seven Hills of Edinburgh race. After the Rock’n’Roll Edinburgh Half Marathon was cancelled, I had been looking for another race to fill the void. Initially I dismissed the Seven Hills race as an option […]

Ah, Dundee. City of Discovery. This would be the first time I had run the same race a second time, after clocking a PB (at the time) last year. Arriving at Camperdown Park the feeling of deja vu was strong as I walked, with all the experience of one who knows, past the queues waiting for […]

200 Runs Later

Posted: 25th June 2013 by mockjogger in Training Runs
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Way back in May 2007 Beyonce and Shakira were at No.1 with Beautiful Liar, The Bourne Ultimatum was just released and I started running. 200 runs later, I’ve spent 134 hours on the pavement covering 805 miles at an average pace of just under 10 minutes per mile. That’s like running all the way from […]

Dear Nike+ Lady

Posted: 19th April 2013 by mockjogger in Equipment
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Today I passed a grand total of 1,000km running with Nike+. Nike+ lady, you have been with me every step of the way, calling out my times and average pace every km, and telling me how far I had to go to reach my target. We’ve had our ups (like when I did my first […]