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Next Steps

Posted: 24th April 2013 by mockjogger in Training Plan
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My newly-devised “training plan” goes along the following lines, © mockjogger. • Get out three times a week to clock 20 miles total • Fit the runs around work and family • Crank it up in the lead up to race and taper it down the week before So now I need to introduce some […]

I did it! I woke up in the morning about 6.30am, feeling just fine, charged with the evening before’s dinner of two plates of pasta and a couple of glasses of red Zinfandel (other grape varieties were available, but I thought Zin probably has more carbs). One look out of the window told me that, […]

8 Days Before My First Race

Posted: 6th April 2013 by mockjogger in Race Preparation
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8 days to go before my first actual race – the Rock’n’Roll Edinburgh Half Marathon. The weather forecast indicates I will be running in swimming trunks and a ski jacket. I’m honestly wondering why I signed up for this. Its not the weather; Edinburgh can often have all four seasons in a day. But I’m […]