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Three Fourteen

Posted: 3rd June 2014 by mockjogger in Lists
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Last week in Edinburgh I got close to my ultimate goal of running a marathon in under 4 hours. The official time of 4:03:13 leaves me three minutes and 14 seconds to find. Not that I’m obsessed or anything, but when I think about it, there is is a lot I can do in 3.14. […]

Frozen Winkie

Posted: 12th February 2014 by mockjogger in Medical, Training Runs
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What’s a man to do? Today’s 18 miler started out fairly innocuously. In working my way out of a cold-and-jet-lag induced running slump I have been vitamining-up and going back to basics on food and hydration, so last night’s triple-bowl of rice with pork were nicely complemented by an early alarm and three slices of […]

What I think About When Running

Posted: 9th May 2013 by mockjogger in Lists, Training Runs
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A couple of days ago someone asked me “what do you think about when you are running?” I struggled to answer and realised I really had no idea. All I could recall were snapshots of wisdom like “It’s about 2 months to holiday time”, “Jeez, this hill doesn’t get any easier”, and “Is anybody close […]

9 People I Encounter When Out Running

Posted: 27th April 2013 by mockjogger in Lists

Line Holder These people really get to me. I’m running fast. There’s a potential PB at stake. They should REALISE THIS AND GET THE %^&( OUT OF MY WAY. But no, they keep on walking in MY RACING LINE. So I have to swerve to go around them. I usually swear (to myself) how much […]