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Why Run?

Good question. I avoided running at school. I remember once being forced to run around the playing fields to make up the numbers for the school running team. We had a good team. One guy had to go home sick. I was the only dude around. I came last. Not just last, but a looooong way last. Even laster than that. Everyone else had gone home by the time I arrived, out of breath and dog tired. I swore I would never do that again.

Skip forward a few years and I found I had put on some weight. Enough to be uncomfortable. So I first started running to help reduce weight. I stopped regularly as other, more important, things occurred in my life; like family, pressure jobs and business travel. But I usually came back.

Now my weight is OK. But I have a fondness for curry, pizza, chocolate and beer, sometimes all at the same time. Running is a way to keep all that under control.

But its more than that. It gives me self respect, the occasional natural high, energy, stamina and a positive spirit. It helps me concentrate and it makes me more creative.

I always run outside and I always listen to music. I always run by myself, even when I’m in a public race. I used to run in kilometers because the number seemed so much more impressive than miles, but now I’ve switched to miles like everybody else.

Now I have a new ambition. I want to run a marathon someday. In under 4 hours.


Why blog about it?

Another good question. I don’t really know. Partly to record a diary, partly to find out what writing a blog is all about, and partly to share the ups and downs of my journey with like minded souls. Will anyone ever read it? Who knows.


Why mockjogger?

Because i don’t think of myself as a “real” runner, more as a pretend runner. I swear at club runners as I see them disappearing over the horizon in a cloud of dust. In all reality, I’m a mock jogger.


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