Mockjogger 2: Son of Mockjogger

Posted: 30th May 2013 by mockjogger in Inspiration


On Saturday morning, around 7am, I was making my final preparations for the Edinburgh 10K. This involved eating cereal, making last minute adjustments to the playlist, preparing some SIS electrolyte drink and attaching the race number to my new mockjogger T-shirt. I was engrossed with the mission in hand and was paying less than normal attention to my son, Ryo, who has just turned 6.

Ryo, however, was paying attention and, as I was staring out of the window marvelling at how it was actually sunny, he had got to work with his colouring pencils. Ryo decided that he wanted to run in the race too, and had set about making himself a race number. Lo and behold, he produced number 6370, with what I’m sure was a custom designed reverse-3.

I had to explain to him that he couldn’t run in this actual race because it was only for big Mockjoggers. But I’m thinking that next year the kids 1.5K or 3K could be on the cards.

He was very impressed by the medal. I’ve explained that everyone who finished the race got one, but as he was so much into the Olympics last year, I think he may have ignored me and decided that I must have been in the top 3. It seems such a harsh thing to dispel the myth, and after all, what is more important than encouraging the next generation? Ah, parenthood.


  1. Very cute! Is Ryo’s mom Japanese? I’m mixed race as well: Japanese and French-Canadian 🙂

    • mockjogger says:

      Bingo! Ryo’s mum is Japanese. He, and his little brother, spend some time in Tokyo every year so they are pretty bi-cultural.

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