Keep Running Stress Free

Posted: 19th June 2013 by mockjogger in Inspiration, Lists
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I’m prone to getting stressed, particularly about (1) inanimate objects that just won’t do what they should, and (2) attaching stuff to walls. To keep stress from invading my running karma, I apply the following rules.

1. I set realistic targets

I may never run super long. Most certainly, I will never run super fast. I’m naturally “relaxed”, and I find that setting goals helps my motivation. So I set myself two types of targets, those based on making incremental improvements, and those that are just about possible at some time in the future. I try not to get sidetracked by what others can do or have done. I really enjoy reading race blogs, but I read them with empathy, never envy. Running is individual; it’s just me, the road, and the playlist.

2. I celebrate small victories

When I first started running again after a bit of a hiatus (I ran a total of zero miles in 2010) I made a point of celebrating each training run in which I actually overtook someone. I remember my first overtake after starting to run again – an elderly lady, barely jogging, but it didn’t matter to me. It was a result, and I partied afterwards like it was 1999. Nowadays I celebrate any PB with a top-shelf red. Because I’m worth it.

3. I reward myself for big progress steps

What would be a fair reward for actually finishing my first marathon? Or running a sub-50 10K? Having just experienced trail running for the first time, some trail running shoes sounds good. I plan rewards based on major distance/time targets. Fortunately for my bank balance, big progress steps only happen a couple of times a year.

4. I avoid conflict with work and family

Running is important but it can’t always come first. I plan my running around work and family commitments. Occasionally I need to bend this rule a little to fit in races or preparation, but with some juggling it is possible to clock the miles without conflict. I have to travel on business now and then and these days my running shoes come with me.

5. I try not to procrastinate

I get out when I can. I really try not to put off a run if I have the opportunity to do it. I view each run, even if it is a slow jog recovering from a cold, as miles in the bank. And they all add up. The excuse devil puts himself forward now and then, especially when I am contemplating the first run back from a holiday or other lapse, but I try not to listen. I know my body and my mind will thank me for it afterwards.

6. I don’t try to control the uncontrollable

Sometimes I just can’t run for whatever reason; injury, illness, business trip, birthday party etc etc. Whilst its tempting to get annoyed and grumpy about that, I try to do the easy thing and just accept it. I know the road and the park are still going to be there when the blocking event is done. And there’s a PB and a new pair of running shoes to shoot for.

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