What I think About When Running

Posted: 9th May 2013 by mockjogger in Lists, Training Runs
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runner thinkingA couple of days ago someone asked me “what do you think about when you are running?” I struggled to answer and realised I really had no idea. All I could recall were snapshots of wisdom like “It’s about 2 months to holiday time”, “Jeez, this hill doesn’t get any easier”, and “Is anybody close by, I have to lose this snot”.

What, I wondered, was happening in my head during the other 3 hours 58 minutes of the 4 hours I’ve been putting in the bank over the last week?

So I set out on a typical 7 mile training run to consciously try and record what I was thinking about, and here are the definitive highlights… I expect the curators of the National Archives will be in touch soon to request copyright consent.

• Ohhh, my right knee feels a bit stiff, I hope that runs off.

• The traffic lights are at green, can I make it in time? Yes.

• That sprint took some energy, I hope that doesn’t come back and bite me at the end of the run.

• I wonder if Nike+ is running accurately, the 1 mile update should be… ….. Darn, Nike + is overestimating again.

• Those lights are about to turn green, can I chance it? Dammm.

• Chances of a PB are getting slim.

• There’s never anyone in that Barber’s Shop. I run past it 3 or 4 times a week and there is never anyone in there. How do they pay the rates? Is there a special rate plan when you don’t have customers?

• That lady up ahead is moving nicely.

• I’m going to overtake that lady and impress her with my finely-judged pace.

• Oh. Hill. Already.

• Just get this hill over and keep the average pace under 9 minutes.

• Why are there always tourist buses in Holyrood Park?

• I’m going to run through that group of tourists and they better see me coming.

• Tourists, you are welcome to Edinburgh but remember the locals actually live here.

• That was a narrow miss.

• Nice view. But it’s cloudy now. It was sunny yesterday but I didn’t get to run. Have I missed my summer running opportunity?

• I’m going to have to run up this ^#$*@#$% hill for real during the EMF 10 K in 2 weeks.

• Hill. Is that all you’ve got? Come on!

• I wonder what my heart rate is? Yes, I definitely must buy the Gamin with heart rate monitor when I get home. I need it. Nike+ is not accurate enough for serious runners like me and I don’t know how I ever did without a HRM.

• Jeez, I thought the hill was over but this is an annoying slight incline.

• Now step it up a bit, this is like half marathon pace, I should be doing better for 10K.

• Thats the park done, now its just the flat bit home.

• Hey, that barber’s shop *still* has no-one in it. I feel a certain kin-ship. maybe I will go there next time and suggest they offer runners discount.

• Into the Meadows. Now push it.

• So many barbecues! That smells good.

• That dog walker up ahead is going to press the walk bottom on the traffic lights. Don’t do it yet, dude! Wait until I get within crossing distance. Noooooo.

• There are no cars anyway – ha!

• Right, sprint.

• Its about time Sanya Richards Ross popped into my headphones to say “You are almost at your goal, keep it up!”

• Sanya, where are you???

• Keep it going right to the end.

• Phew. Nice one.

  1. We use the mantra ‘Bum belly blast!’ for hills, or say ‘We’re going to make this hill our bitch;’ both work.

    Make sure you get yourself a Garmin with HRM and GPS; I bought myself one with a foot pod instead, and wish I’d done my research because I would’ve spent a bit more and got a GPS one instead. The foot pod drives me crazy sometimes.

    Maybe that barber shop is a front for another type of business…..

    • mockjogger says:

      ‘I’m gonna make this hill my bitch’ is going to be my new favourite saying. It may draw some glances during the EMF 10K but only from folks that haven’t run up that hill before.

      As it happens I did get myself a Garmin with GPS and HRM a couple of days ago. It was very easy to set up and use. I’m running with both Nike+ iPhone and Garmin at the moment and will do a head to head comparison after a couple more runs.

      Who knows whats going on in that barber shop near the park. I’m probably going to get arrested for stalking it soon;)