Dear Nike+ Lady

Posted: 19th April 2013 by mockjogger in Equipment
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nike+ ladyToday I passed a grand total of 1,000km running with Nike+. Nike+ lady, you have been with me every step of the way, calling out my times and average pace every km, and telling me how far I had to go to reach my target. We’ve had our ups (like when I did my first ever sub 30 minute 5k in April 2012) and downs (like when you told me I had just run a world record 1km in 1 minute 25 seconds, only for me to find out later that you thought I was running in circles and not in a straight line). I’ve always respected you and mostly trusted you, even when you interrupted The Prodigy during the introduction to “Breathe” to tell me that I had 11km still to go in my first half marathon.

That 1,000km has taken 7 years. We’ve split up on many occasions during that time. I admit I had a brief fling with Endomondo. But we’ve always got back together. May the next runs be even sweeter.

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