Great Edinburgh Run, 17 Apr 2016 – Race Report

Posted: 19th April 2016 by mockjogger in Race reports
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The marketing folks at Great Run have been working overtime. This year the Great Edinburgh Run was re-branded “The World’s Favourite Race”, with T shirts to prove it. It is indeed a great city course, but somebody forgot to organise the weather. Again. So there I was, amongst about 4,000 fellow runners, jumping up and down trying to absorb as much of the paltry 1 degrees C the sun deigned to bestow on us. I should know how this works by now.

Fortunately the usual efficient Great Run machine was in operation, and for once I joined in with the enthusiastic warm up. With a couple of minutes delay for stragglers (folks who wisely stayed in their parkas until the last second) we we’re off. I started in the orange wave, the first of three groups. Talent in the orange group ranged from a few international runners to, er, me. I started at the back.



The race route really is great, with about 200m elevation gain over the 10 miles to keep things interesting. The first three miles contain a flat loop out and back in to Holyrood Park, followed by a gentlish incline up Cannongate, and if that failed to get you, a sharper incline up The Mound. At this point I would like to mention that I only arrived back in the country the previous day, after a week long trip to Boston. I expected jetlag, but felt OK.

Miles 1:3 8:03, 8:34, 8:41

As we wound our way past the National Museum and the University of Edinburgh to briefly join The Meadows, crowd support was sporadic but enthusiastic. The marshals were great, the sun broke cover and the birds began to sing. It was actually quite good fun. Down through the Grassmarket, the organisers had done a good job of clearing away the debris of Saturday night parties and some folks from Capital Radio were doing their best to persuade us Saturday night had never really ended. Just when I was getting used to some decline running we were presented with Pleasance and, all of a sudden I thought “ah, here’s the jetlag”.

Miles 3:6 8:12, 8:05 8:38

imageimageimageimageThe next section was a lesson in self-psychology. The course entered Holyrood Park again, taking a long slow downhill along the Innocent Railway path. That’s fine, but it then flips 180 degrees and winds its way back up to the top. I could see faster runners returning uphill and knew that every downhill step I took was going to have to be repaid.  That sort of spoiled the joy a bit. I ran this race two years ago, but the run back up seemed harder this time. I was pinning my excuses on jetlag. Finally, over the peak and a clear mile, mostly downhill to the finish. I gave it all I had, but the afterburners were failing to engage. More people passed me than I passed. I hate it when that happens.

Miles 7:10 7:52, 8:19, 8:55, 7:33

I finished around a minute slower than last time out. Looking back, I was up at the five mile point but slipped away over the last three. It must have been the jetlag;)

Official Result

Time: 1:23:59

Position: 966 / 3276

Age/Gender: 80 / TBD

Bonus Content!

Great Edinburgh Run Family Mile, 17 Apr 2016 – Race Report

The running was not over for the day. Kiyoe, Ryo, Kiran and I had entered the family mile event, which started a couple of hours after I finished the “first” race. The temperature had improved to around 2 whole degrees for this one, and a brief hint of rain was dispelled by the glares of a hundred angry parents.

Most of the kids were clearly there to win and competed for a line up position at the very front. My boys were right up their with a friend. When the hooter sounded it was like a stampede. For the first 100m or so the kids were going full belt, with adults trying their best to keep up. Then reality kicked in as some of the kids realised they had to keep going for longer. Ryo soon started to show the effects of his one hour swimming training in the morning and fell behind. Kiran had an absent look on his face but was not for slowing. Kiyoe was AWOL. I ran with Kiran. Kids over 7 years had grey T shirts, with the younger kids, including Kiran, sporting pink T shirts. We noticed there were only a couple of pink T shirts ahead and this spurred even greater efforts. We crossed the line with hands joined and raised, followed about 30 seconds later by Ryo and Kiyoe. The boys got their medals and went away happy.

Mile 1 8:18 (coincidentally the same as my average pace for the ten miler)















  1. Ronnie Mutch says:

    Nice one, well done. It’s a tough route. Very enjoyable day though.

  2. juliaL49 says:

    Well done on this infernal course! Never done it since it changed to 10 Miles 🙂

    • mockjogger says:

      They should add a loop of Holyrood Park and change it from the World’s Favourite Race to the World’s Toughest City Half Marathon!