Mens 10k Edinburgh, 1 Nov 2015 – Race Report

Posted: 5th November 2015 by mockjogger in Race reports
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Why “mens” 10k? I asked myself when signing up for this one. Why would a race organiser cut off half their potential sign-up population? Who knows, but there were a few undercover ladies applying moustaches near the bag drop area, clearly determined to bend the rules. They had my vote.

The race started on Lawnmarket, just down the hill from Edinburgh Castle and about 15 minutes away from home. I left it late to leave; my joy at being able to use my own personal toilet facilities boosted by bright sunshine and a record autumnal temperature. November, sans tights, in Edinburgh. Who would have put money on that? This was going to be fun.

The race was orginised by the same crew that produce the Edinburgh Marathon and Scottish Half Marathon, but unlike those races, which get out of the city as fast as possible, this one lingers like a festival tourist. On paper the route was gorgeous, taking in many classical landmarks before finishing alongside the West Stand of Murrayfield Stadium. I was chomping at the bit to get started.


Around 1,000 men (mostly) lined up in four colour-coded start zones. For some reason I had expected a bigger turnout. I was in the red zone, which was the second zone to go. Pre-race chat centred on which was harder, a half marathon (less pacey but longer) or a 10k (gut busting). Good question and worth a post on its own. The start lacked the enthusiastic warm-up hype of some races, which suited me fine. I took up position about 20m behind the 50m pacer as my red zone buddies began to move. Passing through the start gates I picked up the downhill zone of the Royal Mile, then turned left onto The Mound, taking in more downhill as we reached Princes Street Gardens.

In half marathons I have a habit of running the second half quicker, but this time I wanted to try something different. My plan was to run the first half fast, then hang on. The Garmin buzzed to tell me the first mile was 7:23, speedy for me even allowing for the net drop. At the 2k marker I passed the 50m pacer. Optimism infused me. I figured that I passed the start gate about 20 seconds after the pacer, and that if he caught me again I just had to cling on to score a big 5-0.

Miles 1-2 7:23, 7:37


Exiting Princes Street Gardens, I passed Waverley Station, then ran down Cannongate and into Holyrood Park via Abbeyhill. I run in the park all the time and it was fun to entertain all these runners on my turf. Well, it was probably their turf too. We didn’t stay in the park long though, as the climb up to Grassmarket via Cowgate beckoned. There were one or two enthusiastic supporters who looked like they were refugees from a heavy Saturday night, juxtaposed with one or two charity supporters on the other side of the road obviously placed to balance the karma. I tried to keep the pace going up the hill and was happy to see the only water stop in Grassmarket. Then I remembered that there was one more short climb to go before we got to Lothian Road and knuckled down again.

Miles 3-4 7:55, 8:22

After a short section on Lothian Road we passed the 7km marker and turned on to West Approach Road. I had passed this marker on my way to the race start and it was a lot busier now. I felt great, and I knew a PB and the potential holy grail of a sub 5-0 were within grasping distance. There was no sign of the 50m pacer, although every time I heard someone approaching from behind I pushed harder just in case. The final km markers ticked up as the route swung into the grounds of Murrayfield. Entering into the stadium straight into bright low sun was a joy, and I tried to capture a runners-eye moment on my iPhone. I still felt strong and sprinted for glory, iPhone in hand. The Garmin reported 48:11, and even though I had been checking the mile times as they came up, I could not believe the time. A PB by 3 minutes and comfortably sub 50:) Shortly after finishing, I received a text message with the official time of 48:09. Even better!

Miles 5-6 7:51, 7:35, 7:30 (run in)

murrayfield entrymurrayfield run inmurrayfield finishend

Swag bag contents comprised an impressive medal and a yellow T shirt. In true Edinburgh Marathon crew fashion, the T shirts run big, and my Large is good enough for a giant panda. Medal modelled by Jr. Mockjogger #2, who has decided he is going to win it next year.


Official Result
Time: 48:09
Position: 394 / 925
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  1. Hamish says:

    Yeah, I didn’t understand why it was men only, so I’m glad to read there were some women wearing moustaches who’d entered. Well done, good result.