Running Enoshima Tokyo, Aug 2015

Posted: 14th August 2015 by mockjogger in Running Away
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I seem to have spent a lot of time whining on this blog recently. Injuries, lack of running opportunities, blah, blah. So while the story still feels a bit more “travel” than “running” I am happy to say that the feet have been hitting the path much more regularly of late.

This summer we decided to spend our vacation in Tokyo and the nearby beach resort of Enoshima. Jetlag was playing roulette with my brain, and at 5.30am on the morning after we arrived at Enoshima, I was wide awake and ready to rock and roll. I pulled on the runners and headed outside into a wall of 27 degrees heat. My new Garmin synched in no time, and I ran about 200m to the promenade which sits along the edge of Shonan beach. I headed right, and why not?

Much to my surprise the beach was heaving. The 30-odd beach lifeguard crew were doing what I guess was lifeguard training, running up and down the beach in red swimming costumes in slow motion. Was I hallucinating, or did there used to be a TV program like that? Anyway, I digress. There were also 100+ surfers already out in the sea looking for surf to stalk. On this particular morning there wasn’t much surf to be seen, but they seemed happy. Everyone seemed happy. There were quite a few runners making use of the promenade before it got ridiculously hot. Several of them waved at me. I remembered that I have a habit of running with my thumbs up. Maybe people in Edinburgh are used to it or maybe they are suspicious, but the folks here were just friendly. I ran on alongside the beach straight towards Mount Fuji in the distance [when I brought my camera next time out Murphy’s law required it to be cloudy :(]. I felt seriously good. Injury-free on a breathtakingly beautiful path with some like-minded runners.

This is why I run. Well, this and medals.


After about 3.5 miles of this I turned back and retraced my steps, this time running into the sun, back towards Enoshima Island. A total of, um, 7 miles. This was more like it. By the end the temperature was over 30 degrees and I was doing a good impersonation of a fountain. I took a cold shower and downed a litre of Pocari Sweat. Other electrolyte drinks are available, but none with sweat in their name.

Two days later, another 5.30 start. Only 5 miles this time, but hey, I am on holiday and we had a bit too much red vino the night before. Next time out I didn’t want to stop, but settled for 10 miles. On the last morning I ran alongside the beach again, but this time I added a spur to Enoshima Island and up the first flight of stairs to the first temple. Enoshima is a bit of a tourist magnet, but at 6am it was just me and a couple of keen walkers.


This was running perfection for me, and those four runs reminded me of why I get up so early when everyone else is asleep. I’m sad it has to come to an end. I am rebuilding though. Enoshima, bookended with some runs in Tokyo, totalled 50 miles over 7 runs over two weeks. That’s further than I have ever gone on holiday. I want more.