Running Tokyo and Osaka, Jul 2015

Posted: 12th July 2015 by mockjogger in Running Away
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Two days after arriving in Tokyo I had my first running opportunity. 6.30 am, jet lag was sending me dancing messages and the family was asleep. I checked messages and discovered it was a heatwave in Edinburgh. Outside I could see grey clouds and heavy rain. I felt like I was having a summer bypass, but pulled on the travel Nike’s anyway. Like most opportunities on this trip I had a limited time window, so it was going to be a 5k and not much more. I followed a route I used last year, but didn’t even get to the scenic bit. This time last year I didn’t get out of bed for anything less than 7 miles. I returned home wet and unsatisfied. Sometimes I wonder why I bother.

After an all too brief weekend with the family it was back to business. I stayed at the Intercontinental, Tokyo Bay hotel for one night before checking out to take the Shinkansen south west. Now a ‘mare was going to happen at least once on this trip, and I now know that multitasking a Twitter check with a hotel checkout is not  a good combination. I let my iPhone sitting at the reception desk as I headed away blissfully unaware. Half an hour later I needed to feed my Twitter fix, but of course the iPhone was not there. I guess if you are going to do something stupid like that, Tokyo is the place to do it. A colleague phoned the hotel and they had it safely for me to pick up when I got back. So no pictures from Osaka but a panic averted.












I like Osaka. It’s a trading city and everyone is a salesman with a story to tell. I was going to run it no matter what. No matter what left me with a half hour window between arriving at the hotel and a dinner meeting. I set off to break Mo Farrah’s 5k best, only marginally dissuaded by my Garmin taking forever to synch amongst the tall buildings. Thee streets were busy and no one was running. Everyone seemed to be doing something important on their phones. I ran through this sea of people in a kind of figure of 8 from the hotel. Two miles in it was decision time. I could either continue for another mile to make it a minimum acceptable distance or leave time for a shower. It was as humid as a steam room and out of respect to my dinner buddies I stopped and hit the shower. Honestly, these runs are getting shorter and shorter.

And that, I’m afraid, was that. No other running opportunities presented themselves. Now I am heading for Shanghai. At least, that’s the plan. There is a typhoon over there right now and I am sitting at Haneda Airport with no clear departure time. The joys of travel.