Running Seattle and San Jose, Jun 2015

Posted: 2nd July 2015 by mockjogger in Running Away
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Last week I was running along a beach in Crete. This week I’m running round Seattle Airport. My new Nike Flyknit travel runners have their own air miles account, and over the next three weeks I hope they also score some road miles as I travel the globe on a humongous business trip, stalked by Hertz, it seems, who somewhat bizarrely don’t think their cars have wheels (tweet since deleted).








After a 10 hour flight from Amsterdam to Seattle, made tolerable by three episodes of House Season 1, I checked in at the Airport Hilton and opened by case. I am travelling the world on hand baggage so it is not a huge case, but I did squeeze in my Paris Marathon shirt and a pair of shorts. For the occasions where my schedule does not allow hotel laundry, I also squeezed in some hand wash. Anyway, on went the kit and out I went. I looked left, looked right, figured there was less traffic left and went that way. After 1.6 miles along airport hotel street and into a suburban ‘hood, inturned turned back and retraced my footsteps. Perhaps the most boring run ever, but hey, straight off the flight and onto the road counts for something.















Next day I flew down to San Jose and arrived just in time for dinner, so no running opportunity. Jet lag decided that waking at 4am would be a good idea, and after struggling not to wake up for a couple of hours I pulled on the Nikes and headed out. This time, for variety, I went right, and ran for about 15 minutes past some of the iconic residents of Silicon Valley before heading back for a shower. Travelling on hand baggage does have its downside and one of them is kit cleaning. A quick hand wash later and it was time for a smug breakfast. Next, Japan.