Let’s Be Having You, Mr Achilles

Posted: 20th May 2015 by mockjogger in Medical
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I’ve been good, really good. Not a single running stride for three weeks. My cunning don’t be a dick algorithm has been hard-wired into my brain, helping me resist any urge to get out there and just see how things go.

A week ago yesterday, my Achilles achieved “no obvious discomfort” status, and I advanced along the algorithm’s mandatory 7 day countdown. Numerous times a day I massageimaged the tendon, daring it to speak out. Several folks in meetings were asking me what the hell I was doing as my hand reached down yet again, but there are enough hardcore runners at work these days to pervade the empathy. Mr Achilles stayed low.

Five days in, I allowed myself to kick a ball around with the Junior Mockjoggers. I took things gingerly and was constantly aware that I was stretching the parameters a bit. Afterwards I felt a little sore, but convinced myself that it was not enough to reset the clock. The next day there was a vague hint of stiffness, but again not enough to reset the clock.

Seven days in, I decided to give it a go. I have to admit to being a bit nervous as I pulled on the Mizunos and headed out the door at lunchtime. I set out like a tortoise on restraints along the central Edinburgh bike path. Smooth, flat and s-l-o-w. I may have been overtaken by a dead snail, but that may just have been my imagination.  I didn’t care. My companion, Mr Achilles was being unusually quiet.

imageMile 1: 9:24

I could feel nothing, even when I tried my hardest to detect any signs of discomfort. Another half mile and I turned back, retracing my steps.

Mile 2: 10.00

Ten point zero zero exactly, my algorithm must have been proud of me. I started to enjoy the jog.

Mile 3: 9:56

Run in pace 10.10

The jog complete, I stretched like a professional and resumed life, feeling pretty darn euphoric. I resisted the urge to google marathons.

Today the stiffness quotient is low-to-unnoticable. I am not going jogging, but I’m very tempted to go out for another 3 mile snailathon tomorrow if there is no reaction. I know my algorithm says wait another 7 days but sometimes you need to show technology who is the boss.

  1. AlexG says:

    Mike – all the best with your recovery and I sincerely hope you’ll be able to get back to the races soon.

    I stumbled upon your site whilst looking for the local runs in and around Edinburgh and your story worked as a strong motivation for me in training for long runs….. I finally did my first marathon last weekend at EMF, having run it in 4.30, which is a big achievement for me. Hope one day I can buy you a beer and say thanks in person 🙂


    • mockjogger says:

      Hey Alex, I’m glad I helped – now I can say I got something out of this years EMF;) Congratulations on beating the winds and getting the result. I’m definitely up for a beer.