Let’s take stock. My last run was about 3 months ago. The sun was shining, and my only dilemma was which pair of shorts to wear. In the meantime, the only part of marathon training I have been able to keep up with is calorie intake.

It’s not all bad news. I joined the new Pure Gym in Exchange Crescent, Edinburgh, which is within walking distance of home and my new office. I haven’t been able to run, but I did manage the very occasional spin class and half-hearted turn on the low impact cross trainer. The net result is that I am 6kg heavier and have lost a lot of fitness.

Worse than that, the gremlins have stolen my running stuff. Or so it seems. Garmin watches should have a built in GPS location feature. I finally tracked mine down at the bottom of my kit bag, paired it with my new shoe attachment and made my way nervously to the bank of treadmills.


The aim here was to try out a gentle run to see if my side muscle pain was still a problem. I figured the treadmill would be easier on me than concrete, or perhaps I was looking for a subliminal ruse to avoid the sleet throwing itself down outside. Anyway, I am treating this injury with respect.

After quad, calf and ITB stretches I stepped on the machine, set the speed knob to a round 10.0, set the program to “Rolling Hills” (because too much respect can be a bad thing) and off I went.

Straight off I could feel the discomfort in the region normally known for stitches. I persevered and it after a while it kind of faded away. This is going to be OK I thought. Then the hills started a-rollin’. I was struggling to keep the dial at 10.0 but somehow I got it in my mind that 9.9 would be failure, gritted my teeth and kept going. It was hot and sweaty on those hills as I looked outside at the sleet still powering down.

I counted myself lucky for the next few minutes but then started wondering what to do. I could look outside o look at the music videos running on a screen in the background, but it was kind of, well, boring. A half hour and 3.11 virtual miles later I hit the red button and stepped off the machine.

Today I can feel some tightness, but nothing to write a blog about.

Running inside in Winter has its obvious advantages but I’m not sure if my boredom threshold would last more than half an hour. Still, I’m not ready for concrete yet.

  1. JuliaL49 says:

    This locating option for any gadget would be welcome!

    The half hour boredom threshold might be a blessing in disguise as you’re less likely to overdo it?!

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