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Posted: 15th January 2014 by mockjogger in Race Preparation
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My marathon training plan has cranked up a notch this week. As the miles start to mount, so, naturally, my desire for calories grows. And grows.

This will do for starters.

This will do for starters.

I find myself waking up thinking about breakfast. Maybe that’s normal for many folks, but it’s new for me. Toast or crunch? Toast and crunch? If I bring lunch in to work, I have to exercise Jedi discipline to avoid consuming it all by 11.

I start thinking about dinner from mid-afternoon. By 8pm, my normal dinner time, I’m like a salivating dog who has been starved for a week. Or a zombie who needs a flesh fix. Actually, more like the zombie, because I have also developed a tendency to be grumpy when waiting for food to just hurry up and cook.

And it’s all over so, so quickly. I’m not eating food like I used too. I am devouring it. Then looking round for more.

This doesn’t play too well with my natural craving for chocolate and crisps, which I have been abstaining from for months. Ahhhhh, the very thought of chocolate covered peanuts, it’s enough to drive a man crazy ….

But I must resist.

Not me, but my sentiments.

Not me, but my sentiments.

I am exactly the same weight today (78kg) as I was when I stared training for the Paris Marathon. I would like to be 75kg on the day as the thought of carrying 3kgs less round 26.2 sounds good to me, but it is no big deal either way, and I will be happy enough to stay where I am now.

Clearly this is not the time for dieting. I need to consume multitudinous calories to fuel these training runs. So I plan on imbibing big quantities of good stuff (and my definition of good stuff includes strategic use of pizza and curry), but try and avoid chocolate and peanuts (note to self: stop talking about chocolate and peanuts).

So fine. But who put those choco-nuts in the larder?

chocolate peanuts

  1. Hats says:

    Last year while training for London I basically inhaled food! According to my co-workers I have 4 topics of conversation while marathon training…
    1) how hungry I am
    2) what I am going to eat
    3) what I have just eaten
    4) working out when it is OK to eat again

    As I am training for London again, the vicious circle of eating, running and sleeping has begun again… how I find time to work and be a normal human being is beyond me!!

  2. mockjogger says:

    I recognise those topic of conversation! I’m between 3 and 4 right now.