This year my casual acquaintance with running blossomed into something more, well, passionate. As the year draws to a close I have recorded 936 miles (so far), 9 medals and one injury, and have taken to running while on holiday and business trips. I have acquired two customised t-shirts, plenty of race t-shirts, two headbands, some tights and a woolly hat. Here are the ‘lights…

DullRace Highlight

The Highland Perthshire Half Marathon. I was so pleased that I was able to extract myself from the child-locked car in time to make the start, I ran like a born-free tiger through picturesque Perthshire countryside, past he village of Dull and through the grounds of a stately home. Someone who reads the blog said hello, and I clocked a PB. Really, nothing could have gone better.

Training Highlight

My first 17 mile run. Central Edinburgh, through The Meadows, once round Holyrood Park, back through The Meadows, along the Union Canal to the city bypass and back. Conspicuously bedecked with new water-filled backpack, when I finished it I felt I had graduated to the further than a half class. Still my joint-furthest run, and the standard to conquer in 2014.

Body Lowlight

The IT band strain that caused me to miss two and a half weeks of running and record my one and only race DNS – the Scottish Gas 10k. I pay a bit more attention to stretching now.

haddington half mid way headphones highlightedControversial Moment

Getting flamed for including musical highlights in my Haddington Half Marathon race report, thus implicating myself for wearing headphones in a no-headphone race. Really, the fifth amendment should have applied. Anyway, I started a campaign to legalise responsible use of headphones in road races.

Kit purchase of the Year

A difficult one, as I started with pretty much nothing and bought a lot of stuff. The Garmin 210 has proved to be a reliable companion and a much more accurate run recorder than Nike+ on the iphone. My Triggerpoint foam roller has kept me out there post-IT band strain. The Highlander water backpack has delivered water without me really noticing it, and hasn’t leaked. My second pair of Mizuno Wave Inspire’s have proved to be every bit as good as the first pair, but redder. But the overall winner is my Yurbuds headphones. Now an automatic choice in place of my trusty Sennheisers, the Yurbuds are less obtrusive, deliver reasonably good audio quality, pass ambient sounds and are very light and simply stay in.

Toughest Moment

My first experience of trail running (where were the signposts?) through the forest of Middlesex Fells Reservation near Boston. Temperature 32 degrees and humid, not the 18 degrees I had expected after googling “weather, Boston” and getting the results for Boston, UK, wherever that is. Got lost. 6 miles of hot, hard, hell later I found my car. My body was sending me warning, warning, explosion imminent signs, but I didn’t stop.

Start of the kids race

Start of the kids race

Proudest Moment

Chief support person and bag carrier as my Junior Mockjoggers (ages 6 and 4) laughed their way found their first 1K race in the Botanic Garden, Edinburgh. They came 12th and 15th out of 15, but they tried hard and they loved it.

Euphoric Moment

Half way round the Haddington Half Marathon I hit a real bone fide buzzing runner’s high. Up to that point I had been toiling. From that point on I was the centre of the universe and the race was run in my time. I have been trying to reproduce the symptoms ever since. When I do, I am going to bottle it and sell it (c) Mockjogger.

SONY DSCFinish of the Year

The Rock & Roll Edinburgh Half Marathon. My first ever race, run in gale force winds with horizontal rain. This was no heel-clicking sprint for the finish line, I was completely knackered and when I reached for the afterburners on switch I found … nothing. With runners passing me from all angles, I just managed to keep going for long enough to grasp my first medal. Standing around in the rain for an hour to get a t-shirt didn’t dispel my mood. I was beaming. I was hooked. I knew I would be doing this again.

  1. Alison Wood says:

    Good review. I was the lady who reads your blog who said hello at the Perthshire HM. Happy blogging for 2014!

    • mockjogger says:

      Good to meet you Alison! I really enjoyed that race. Unfortunately it’s on the same day as the Great North Run this year, and I have my entry for that one in the bag.

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