MoRun Edinburgh 10K, 9 Nov 2013 – Race Report

Posted: 11th November 2013 by mockjogger in Race reports
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Before getting into the race itself, I would like to get one thing out of the way. I wore tights for this one. Running tights. There, it’s all out in the open. I feel strangely liberated.

startOK, now back to the race. A chilling 2 degrees with bright November sunshine met me as I left home for the 20 minute walk to the start of the MoRun at Holyrood Park, Edinburgh. I sipped a Berocca mix which was doing its best to support an espresso’s attempt to get my body and mind into a passable alert state. The combination seemed to be winning. Despite the chill, the city was looking good and the walk was enjoyable. Surprisingly I didn’t meet any other runners on the way, but I was leaving it late and, as I arrived, I could see that most of the other 900 runners had got there first. The start hub was awash with colour, costumed runners and an abundance of moustaches. Let’s not forget this event is part of the Movember movement promoting men’s health.

Sadly, in a vain attempt to look professional for a business meeting earlier in the week, I had taken the decision to shave off my embryonic home-grown moustache and was left with no choice but to adopt a fake one. Looking like a reject from a YMCA convention, I tried to keep myself warm as the enthusiastic announcer encouraged the crowd to gather at the start, which turned out to be right at the bottom of the hill.

morun2A blast of noise and we were off, straight up the hill. I run this hill a lot in training, and it’s a toughie. By the time I got half way up, some folks were starting to walk. The road was wide enough to avoid serious congestion and and the running order quickly sorted itself out. It was still cold though, around 4 degrees, and I was regretting not wearing gloves. At the top, a quick glance at the gamin told me I was running under 10m pace which I was fairly happy with for the hill. The course levelled out and continued its clockwise circle of Arthur’s Seat. As always, the views are beautiful and as we wound our way round we could see a clear view of Edinburgh Castle and the city centre.

Mile 1: 9:40
Mile 2: 7:48

Then it was time for payback on the descent down Queens Drive. As I full-throttled down the hill I was quite surprised to see a lot of runners ahead of me stretching out over the visible mile ahead. It quickly became apparent that we had caught the tail end of the 5K running group which had set off before us. The course levelled out again as we approached the start hub and.the 5K guys peeled off to enter the finish zone, leaving us 10K runners to keep running straight ahead for the second loop.

Mile 3: 7:22

Now was time to get mentally prepared to run up the hill for a second time. I had never done this before (although I had run down it twice when doing an anticlockwise route on one mad training run). The weather was playing strange games and an earlier hint of rain expired in bright sunshine. By now, I was well and truly warmed up and thanking myself for not wearing gloves. I dug in for the climb and remained equidistant from a few other runners running at the same pace. Then we were over the top, levelling out and admiring the views once again.

Mile 4: 9.12
Mile 5: 8.30

I was pushing hard at this point. Although it took a little longer to recover from the climb the second time around, I was still feeling good. As the rollercoaster moved into descent mode again, I let myself go as fast as possible. As we levelled out I could see the finish banner about 500m ahead and tried to use the final part of the downhill momentum to bolster my sprint for the finish. Despite my pedal-to-the-metal running a couple of guys came past me just as we got close to the line. I felt like applying a shoulder charge but then remembered it was a charity race and put on my best attempt at a smile. Then a garmin check told me that I had a PB by about 1 minute, and the smile morphed into something more natural 🙂

Mile 6: 7.03
Run in: 7.19

A rollercoaster of a race

A rollercoaster of a race

A rather fetching moustache-shaped medal was offered to me, with a custom 10k ribbon to differentiate it from the 5k medals. That, some sweets and the orange headband comprise the total swag for the race, but it was for charity, so fair enough. I was able to get a confirmed printout of my finish time and position immediately – some bigger branded races should take note.

20131111-181257.jpgOverall organisation and atmosphere were excellent. With an total climb of 186m, the course is not the easiest, but the race was good fun and I will run it again if I have a chance. A great end to the race season for me and a good boost for winter training. Someday, on a flat course, I am going to go sub-50.

Official Result

Time: 51:26
Position 115/483
Male: 91/228
Category 5/29

  1. TartanJogger says:

    Well done on the PB and for doing THAT hill not once, but twice!
    We had the flat course in Glasgow, but we also had the icy rain!