A Right Pain in the .. Hip

Posted: 23rd September 2013 by mockjogger in Medical
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This post was supposed to be a report of the Scottish Gas 10K race on 22nd September. Instead, I recorded by first DNS (did not start). Here’s why.

Near the end of a 7 mile training run on Friday 13th (seriously) I ran across a road to enter The Meadows, a park in the middle of Edinburgh. A cyclist was moving speedily along the road from the left. In keeping a close eye on him, I found myself running at an angle and felt a sharp pain in my right hip. I ran a few more strides to see if it would clear. It didn’t, so I stopped running and walked home. Walking was fine – no pain.

I laid off for a couple of days, then tried a short run on the Monday following. After about 50m I felt the same pain, so abandoned the run (and, em, entered the Paris Marathon instead). For the rest of the week I did no running, just leg stretching, some core exercises, commute cycling and ibuprofen at random intervals. By the end of the week I felt no discomfort at all and was optimistic that I could run the 10K. After cycling home I had to get to the post office in record time. So I ran. And after about 50m.. same story – sudden sharp pain in right hip.

On Saturday I struggled with a dilemma. Do I go for the Scottish Gas 10K, try and jog at half pace through the pain to see if the hip improves (and avoid a DNS)? I knew that if I did that I could make things worse and add more risk to running the Great Scottish Run on 6 October, a race I have been looking forward to for months. An overwhelming “don’t run” message came through on Twitter and Facebook, common sense prevailed and I decided to no-show. No medal, no T-shirt. And my family had to deal with a grumpy jogger.

On Sunday morning the sun was shining brightly in a fair imitation of summer. I had fleeting second thoughts about running but shut them down quickly.

Instead I went on Google. As I felt no pain hopping on the leg and could move my hip freely, I could pretty much rule out anything too serious. I amateurly diagnosed myself with trochanteric bursitis. Fortunately I then consulted a real physiotherapist, and after some tests today it turns out, predictably, that my self diagnosis was bollox. I have Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS). More commonly associated with the outside of the knee, it can also effect the outside of the hip. Now I have a new set of stretching and rolling exercises to do, and I will get to try out the foam roller everyone has been talking about.

IT Band

So I am not running for a while. The Great Scottish Run in two weeks looks about as likely as a national lottery win, and I gave up entering the lottery years ago.

So. No. Running. To keep some semblance of fitness in the meantime I am starting to treat my commute cycle (5.5km each way) as a training session. It’s not the same as running, but it will have to do.

It’s a right pain in the hip.

  1. TartanJogger says:

    How frustrating! You’ll be sick of folks telling you it’s for the best, just rest, blah blah.
    Hope it heals quickly and you get back out there soon.

    • mockjogger says:

      Thanks, and yes, now is the time to work on that black-belt in patience. And try to re-educate my body that it can’t eat everything in sight for a while.

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