Running is contagious, and the rest of my family has caught a dose of it. Kiyoe started jogging again a couple of months ago. Our two junior Mockjoggers, Ryo and Kiran, have been to one or two of my races and have been lobbying for their turn. So when I spotted the JogScotland One Big Weekend listing for a 5K adult race and a 1K kids race in Edinburgh, the enthusiasm meter hit the red zone and in went the application forms.

Start of the kids race

Start of the kids race

And that is why, in a 180-degree role reversal, I found myself carrying the bags, lugging the camera and doing all the other things a support crew does, as my family ran their first races round the Botanic Garden and Inverleith Park.

Keen to avoid parking challenges and multiple last-minute toilet dashes we met Laura and set off early, making our way across a festival-enhanced Edinburgh to the start point at Arboretum Place. The kids race, for dudes under 12, was due off at 8.30. If not a cast of thousands, I had expected a lot of interest, and was very surprised to see only about 15 kids gathering at the start point. Ryo (6) and Kiran (4) were chomping at the bit and, together with the collected assembly of parents, we counted down from 10 to 1, and then they were off.

Kiran with new friend and sweeper

Kiran with new friend and sweeper

Now I had my worries at this point. Both kids have been known to throw a wobbly when they get beaten at anything (Snakes & Ladders is a contact sport in our house) and I was wondering how they would react when the older ones sailed off into the distance. My fears were unfounded. They both set off like a bullet from a gun (just a slower gun than most of the other kids) down the road and into the park. I followed soon after to catch them on the return path. Kiran and a new friend were bringing up the rear and he was on first name terms with the lady sweeper. I ran with him along the final stretch and It was immensely uplifting to see the joy on his face as he kept going all the way to the finish line.

The runners: Ryo, Kiyoe and Kiran

The runners: Ryo, Kiyoe and Kiran

With hardly any time to celebrate, the warm up for the Adults 5K got underway. The announcer was doing a good job of building things up, and I was feeling envious of the 400+ runners, but in no time at all the warm up was over, the race was underway, and the Junior MJs and I were cheering their Mum as she embarked on her first ever race. The route was good and we had a chance to see the runners at the half-way point. Kiyoe was looking good! And before long she was running up the final straight with high 5s and a big smile to reach home in sub 30 minutes – fantastic!

A good time was had by all, even if it was slightly surreal to be holding the bags rather than running the race. Looking at the times, I am clearly going to have to up my game if I am going to remain top jogger in this home.

Race results:

Ryo Time: 6.01 Position 12/15
Kiran Time: 6.23 Position 15/15

Kiyoe Time: 28:57 Position: 212

  1. Juan Carlos Riveiro says:

    Congratulations!!!! regards to Ryo and Kiran!!!!

    great job!!!!

  2. That is so cute!!!!! It’s awesome when running influences the whole family, way to go!

    • mockjogger says:

      It really was a joy to see them all run with big smiles. The problem now is the increased competition for training run slots in an already crowded day!