Running Stalis Crete, Jul 2013

Posted: 14th July 2013 by mockjogger in Running Away, Training Runs
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Of all the places to write a post, the balcony of apartment at Amazones Appts, Stalis, Crete ranks highly in my opinion. An opinion which is justifiably assisted by an ice-cold Mythos. There are two more nights to go of this chilling holiday before packing the bags and returning to a what BBC tells me is a heatwave back home in Scotland.

Start beside the Romantic Corner taverna ...

Start beside the Romantic Corner taverna …

I have to confess that when I planned this holiday the primary motivation was not to acclimatise myself for the Dundee Half Marathon next weekend, but I guess you take the sun where and when you can get it.

As far as running goes, this was a great opportunity to find out if my Mizuno Wave Inspires would live up to their name.

... head through the village ...

… head through the village …

After some experimenting, I settled on a run of about 3.5 miles with a routine along the following lines. Around 7am wake up. Decide to go for run or not. A decision only called for, by the way, by having an afternoon siesta the day before, and quite often the previous evening’s celebrations made an early morning run in the sun technically infeasible anyway. When the motivation calls, I pull on the swim/shorts and Waveriders, forget about the shirt, skip breakfast, and walk 50m to the start point at the Romantic Corner taverna where the sun is about 10 degrees above the horizon. Then stretch like I mean to do something while the Garmin looks for the satellite, and off.

... and back along ...

… and back along …

And thats where the definitions of “run” and “jog” become intertwined like two, er, twines. Of the 8 rogs so far, I have only been under 9.00 pace once. I am kind of trying, but it takes some time before the sleep stiffness wears off, and by then the heat has started to impact. But I’m not giving it big licks, it’s a holiday after all.

... the beach

… the beach

The run takes me through the village, where I meet, in roughly equal numbers, a few fellow joggers and party folks making their winding journey home from the hedonistic lights of Malia, just along the road. After about 1.5 miles I turn and head to the beach and run back along the sand. It is incredibly scenic but tough going in the loose stuff. Occasionally I mistime the waves coming in, from which I can report that my Wave Inspires don’t enable me to walk on water, but do recover well from a soaking.

I have learned that I am not a natural first-thing-in-the morning runner. I need to wake up slowly, have breakfast, come to terms with the day first, then think about running. On the other hand, I am going to miss that moment, stretching before the rising sun, with the sound of the waves on the shore, with just party people or runners to meet, and the contemplation of a day which starts with a run, takes in beach, pool, great food and wine and conversation … / repeat.

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  1. There IS a heatwave here, it’s awesome! My husband and I were down close to Kilmarnock last week, to drop off our rental VW transporter after our Hebridean holiday, and we got tans while we unpacked the van and repacked our car! Enjoy!

  2. mockjogger says:

    Back home now and it seems I haven’t killed the heatwave. Long may it continue!

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