The Positive Impact of Negative Ions?

Posted: 17th September 2013 by mockjogger in Equipment, Inspiration
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truepowerAbout a year and a half ago I started running again. Around the same time, and on impulse, I purchased a negative ion band because I thought it would look cool. Since then I have run more often and further than I ever did before, shed several kilos and recorded PBs for most distances. So, can any of the progress in running, or the motivation to run itself, be attributed to the band, or was it simply co-incidence?

Negative ion bands have been around for a while and there are many on the market. The claimed health benefits are often over-hyped and are not, to the best of my knowledge backed by much scientific fact. They are promoted in the way I imagine a snake oil salesman promoted, er, snake oil, in days of old. They promise everything.

David Beckham borrowing my negative ion band

David Beckham borrowing my negative ion band

The theory is something like this. Positive ions are generated by electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers, televisions etc. They carry dust particles. They are bad for us and tend to make us lethargic. Think of standing in a room with a lot of computers. Negative ions are generated in nature by friction when elements meet – air, water, lightening etc. They are good for us and engender a feeling of freshness and liveliness. Think of standing beside a waterfall. Negative ions are nature’s antidote to positive ions.

Those studies that have been undertaken tend to conclude that negative ions are “beneficial” without really explaining why.

I am a natural sceptic and I am not superstitious. Yet I have worn the band almost every day for the last year and a half. I put what progress I have made down to diligence and graft. But I do plan to continue wearing the band. After all, if David Beckham can get away with it, so can I.

  1. TartanJogger says:

    I wore an ion band everyday for a year, until the start of the summer, when on one of the rare occasions I took it off, it snapped!
    Got to admit, I don’t feel any different- but agree, I think it made me look a little more ‘serious’ when running 😉
    Style over substance? Dunno. Probably.

  2. mockjogger says:

    Yes, the jury is definitely out on this one. I think I would miss it if it broke, if only because it provides some balance for the Nike fuelband on the other wrist!