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New Runners – Aug 2013

Posted: 26th August 2013 by mockjogger in Equipment
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Early last year I was staring to get into running. I hadn’t entered any races yet, but I had caught the bug and was starting to put in regular training runs. My “normal” run was 5K and my “long” run was 10K. I ran in kilometres back then. My run frequency increased when my family […]

Time to Step it Up

Posted: 20th August 2013 by mockjogger in Equipment, Training Plan
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I started this whole thing off in April this year, when I set myself a goal to run a marathon in under 4 hours. I have been happy with progress so far. Three half marathon races and a couple of 10Ks are now under my belt, and I am clocking around 100 miles per month […]

I recently ran two half marathons, both of which had long on-road sections and policies on the use of headphones. The Dundee Half Marathon (Half DRAM) pre-race notes stated no headphones. When the race organiser was asked to clarify whether headphones could be used in certain circumstances, he confirmed that it was at the runners […]

The pre-race notes said “gently undulating”. They were right. There were not many flat sections on this route; just one gentle incline followed by a gentle decline, and repeat, with a couple of steeper ones thrown in to break it up. This was a gorgeous run through the East Lothian countryside around Haddington, complete with […]

Running is contagious, and the rest of my family has caught a dose of it. Kiyoe started jogging again a couple of months ago. Our two junior Mockjoggers, Ryo and Kiran, have been to one or two of my races and have been lobbying for their turn. So when I spotted the JogScotland One Big […]