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And the winner of the Highland Perthshire Half Marathon is …. Mock Jo… Ugh .. What time is it? iPhone battery drained… Fuelband still working… Shit! 20 mins late. And thus began the race before the race; the race to get to the start line on time. Family up and dressed, downstairs to the MacDonald […]

The pre-race notes said “gently undulating”. They were right. There were not many flat sections on this route; just one gentle incline followed by a gentle decline, and repeat, with a couple of steeper ones thrown in to break it up. This was a gorgeous run through the East Lothian countryside around Haddington, complete with […]

Running is contagious, and the rest of my family has caught a dose of it. Kiyoe started jogging again a couple of months ago. Our two junior Mockjoggers, Ryo and Kiran, have been to one or two of my races and have been lobbying for their turn. So when I spotted the JogScotland One Big […]

The omens for this race were good. Sex/age categorisation had placed me in the Supervet section. How cool is that? It’s like I can swoop down and cure all the animals the ordinary doctors don’t know what to do about. The dinner before the race was a perfect pasta/beef combo. And it was a quite-chilly […]

#virtual10miler – Race Report

Posted: 30th June 2013 by mockjogger in Race reports
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As soon as I read the tweet from @runnersknees I knew this was one for me. A virtual 10 mile race where 25 folks from all over the planet each run their own 10 miles on the same day and record their progress and results on twitter. Two things intrigued me. First, how much fun […]

Spot the difference I checked in early for the inaugural Livingston 10K fun run and was presented with my number – 95. That looks familiar, I thought. A quick iPhone google later confirmed it. I was to be Lightening McJogger for the day. How could I fail to record a PB now?! Clutching my celebrity […]

One look outside the window at 6.30am told me this was going to be a good day. Bright sunshine, clear blue sky, Edinburgh was doing its best impersonation of Bermuda. When the sun’s up, this city is a great place to be. The start point for the Edinburgh Marathon Festival 10K is just inside Holyrood […]

I did it! I woke up in the morning about 6.30am, feeling just fine, charged with the evening before’s dinner of two plates of pasta and a couple of glasses of red Zinfandel (other grape varieties were available, but I thought Zin probably has more carbs). One look out of the window told me that, […]