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Tokyo Marathon Countdown – 5 Days

Posted: 23rd February 2016 by mockjogger in Race Preparation
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  You are really lucky That’s a phrase I have heard a few times since arriving in Japan. Distance running is popular here and everybody seems to know somebody who entered, but did not get a place in the Tokyo Marathon. Folks are regarding my prowess in scoring an entry as nothing short of mystical. […]

You may have noticed that I’ve been a bit quiet of late. I’ve found it hard to find the time to write, what with all the actual running. A few months ago I entered the ballot for the Tokyo Marathon. I didn’t have any serious intentions for the race, but after several failed attempts at […]

August was sensational. Back in training, big style. 142 miles on the clock, my biggest month ever. Times coming down to within sprinting distance of my 2014 highs. I beat Arnold Schwarzenegger to it, I was well and truly back. Then, on a routine 10k during Friday lunchtime, I felt my left calf getting a […]

You don’t run with an injury. You don’t try out a new piece of kit or clothing in a race. You can’t “wing it” in a half marathon, the running gods will turn on you. I know these things. Everyone knows these things. Probably I will be doing all of them on Sunday. Recently, training […]

Last Friday afternoon we crossed the threshold into long range weather forecast territory for the Edinburgh marathon. Not that there was anything useful to be determined; the weather soothsayers were clearly playing their cards close to their chest at this point by predicting that anything and everything could happen. Since then, the inexorable advance towards […]

Paris Marathon Countdown – 1 Day

Posted: 5th April 2014 by mockjogger in Race Preparation

I started writing this post about two weeks ago when, fuelled with a class of red zinfandel, I wondered what I would feel like the night before my first marathon. At that time, I expected that I would feel inspired. I expected that it would feel like the before one of life’s more momentous events. […]

Paris Marathon Countdown – 13 Days

Posted: 24th March 2014 by mockjogger in Race Preparation, Training Plan
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I will never be the fastest runner out there but I have found that I am pretty adept at tapering. I am quite enjoying not having to get up at 5.30am for a long solo run. I don’t think I am any more irritable than normal. I feel the odd twinge in a joint, but […]

The first part of my training plan for the Paris Marathon went precisely how Hal Higdon would have liked it to have gone. Bring it on, I thought. A little early, as it turned out, as when embarking the second part of the plan, several life-factors conspired to rob me of energy, making each run […]

I signed up to offer my marathon virginity to Paris four months ago with all the zeal of a turkey in springtime, safe in the knowledge that Christmas is a long, long way away. When I started looking at training plans a few weeks back and found that I should have started yesterday, reality started […]

Runger Games

Posted: 15th January 2014 by mockjogger in Race Preparation
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My marathon training plan has cranked up a notch this week. As the miles start to mount, so, naturally, my desire for calories grows. And grows. I find myself waking up thinking about breakfast. Maybe that’s normal for many folks, but it’s new for me. Toast or crunch? Toast and crunch? If I bring lunch […]